Why I Wrote a Book Even Though I’m Not A Writer

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Have you ever been thinking to write a book one day? Like me, that was my endless thoughts. But I don’t want it to remain in my head hallucinating every day.

So I decided to write a book even though I’m not a writer.

I remember when I was in college. I wrote several articles about God. I shared about my experience that God is not boring.

I was completely ignorant and dumb of the English rules back then. Feeling too proud of what I’d written, I proudly shared it with many students to read with pleasure. I even pasted all my articles on the table at the library to achieve wide readership (I was a working student at the library.). 

Most of them were kind enough to read it and did not say anything bad. I didn’t receive any feedback on my write-ups. They avoided to offend me. Instead, there were so appreciative.

And based on their positive reactions, it grew my confidence to join an essay writing contest at school. I was expecting to win. I was feeling too proud of myself.

Then the blunt truth came out

Life gave me the first lesson in writing: don’t be overconfident Marleo especially when people didn’t give you specific feedback. It’s better to be criticized than get fake praise.

When the decision of the essay writing came out, I totally embarrassed myself in a grand scheme. 

The editorial host posted the result of the contest at the bulletin board with all the students to see. Especially those who read my articles, they saw my score. What’s more humiliating, I only got a 50% score. I was put at the bottom, and the second bottom was 21 points away to my score. 

Ouuuch! That was so painful to me! I felt like I wanted to walk in the school campus without my head. Out of shame.

From that moment on, I abandoned writing. I hated it like my worst enemy.

But, a decade passed, I decided to give it a try. I had no choice but to learn to write better if I wanted to build a career online to feed my family well. 

Writing better is crucial in order to get hired online as a virtual assistant, as a freelancer, or as a writer trying to make a living.

I’m not a writer but choose to write a book

To write a book or not, it’s a choice. That’s what I realized. It doesn’t matter if I’m good or not. I’ll become a better writer later.

I thought I could write a book when I reached old age.  Apparently, it’s not the case. Things happened so quickly that I wrote my first ever book in less than a month. No one would ever believe me. I’d surprise everyone even my beautiful wife. 

“Are you sure? Marleo wrote a book? He’d never been a writer before.” This was the repeated voice in my head of what people will probably be thinking of me. It’s a subconscious thing that I’m not good enough. But ignored to listen to these limiting beliefs.

I admit.  I’m not a good writer. It was manifested when I applied online. Not a single client took me seriously. And this gave me more reasons to dive deep into writing. To learn fast and level up my game. That’s why I started to blog again for the second time. 

(The first one was abandoned as I couldn’t find a time to maintain it.) 

Now I begin to write like hell. Writing as many words as I can every day.

The how of writing a book matter less. The reasons behind were way more important as it makes me more determined to dedicate my life writing.

Let me share with you the reasons why I wrote a book even though I’m not a good writer.

1. I think it’s time to share what I know

I was asked repeatedly by a lot of people online and offline on how they can start an online career. How to get clients? How to get stable? How to be a virtual assistant? And so on. 

These things are not easy to answer. We need to have a heart to heart talk on a couch to give you my exact answer. Like a psychiatrist asking questions to a patient. 

Obviously, I don’t have the luxury of time to do that.

So the ultimate solution is to write all I know in a book to leverage my time and effort.

The book is just one of the answers to share my knowledge. I’ll be creating an online course soon to further spoonfeed the information. 

2. I dreamed of becoming an author

It’s been a long dream. But I don’t want my dream to just be a dream. Like the rest of people dreaming dreams to come true but it never comes to fruition for the rest of their lives.

It’s a  tragic story when I think of it. That’s my biggest fear. When I reach old age, I don’t want to still be thinking about writing a book. What a pathetic old man of me. I always envision myself who I will be 5,10, or 20 years from now. 

Fearfully, it moves me to action. My dream should be realized whether I earn from my books or not. What’s important, I took the first step and dared myself to fail. To fail my way to success.

3. I want to write better and learn fast

Since I’m planning to earn a living online being a writer, there’s no other way to learn to write better fast. But to write as many words as I can every day. No matter how busy I am. 

True enough, I started a project writing a book and set a deadline for myself. I imagine someone will fire a bullet in my head if I don’t finish it. I was too hard of myself. So I could avoid procrastination and excuses. It’s a do or die condition.

I was aiming only to write 500 words a day. But by the end of the month, I ended up writing 60,000 words. 

It’s a whopping of 2,000 words a day. I have outdone myself. When I reviewed those words I’d written down, I discovered a lot of grammatical errors, typos, wrong punctuation, repetitive words, etc. I was laughing at myself how terrible I was in writing. But I have improved so much after.

Next, I hired editors for my work, and the more I learned the way they edited my work. They improved my writing and noticed and corrected my errors. 

I have learned so fast. Because I keep on writing. I keep on listening to feedback and allow myself to fail fast through writing a book.

4. A good source of income

I’m currently earning online as a virtual assistant. But I feel being a VA is not the end. It’s the beginning and a bridge to my dream. I use it while I work on my goals on the side which is to write more books.

Obviously, selling books online it’s an excellent source of income. What if I could sell a lot of copies? What if it could become a bestseller?

I could earn from what I love doing right away, right? But what if it will not sell too? Well, I don’t care! 

Source of income

I’m not looking for quick success. I considered my first book as a stepping stone to my bestselling book.

The most important thing: I gave my very best. Even if you think it wasn’t good enough. I’m on the road now to earn a living writing soon! It can be through books that I sell, through my blog, and through writing for someone else.

I’m willing to take risks. Because the reward is great and the risk is slow in building a writing career. The biggest capital I only need is time. 

5. Learn how to market something online

I am bad at selling anything. Promise. I suck at sales.

But this time, I want to prove myself again. To sell my own product which is my book.

I’ve been reading a lot of books now on how to sell a digital product online. It opened my eyes to the world of online selling. It’s totally a different world. 

To my local market, Filipinos are not readers. This means I will be searching diligently for people who read and have plans to work online. They’re my #1 target.

It will be one of my greatest challenges to reach my target buyers.

I’m up for the challenge. Let’s see what will happen next!

6. It’s a legacy I leave

My books can be my legacy. They are one of the best legacies to leave. People will know who I was. My principles, my values, my beliefs. Especially for my children, they would know me more just by reading my work.

It’s either people will love or hate me for what I believe. At the very least, they know what I stand for. They know who I was helping. They know who I was loving.

I imagine myself when I passed away, people have something to remember. People have something in their hands to read my life. How I started. How I ended. How I dedicated my life.

Book legacy

Thinking of it, it gives me goosebumps. Even a mix of emotions. I don’t think it will be a sad story. If I continue my true passion in life and journey my dreams relentlessly, it will be a great story to tell to the world.

I now leave it here. There’s no time to cry. I’m not dying soon. I want to have fun first and face my beautiful struggles.

Final Thoughts

Writing a book was hard. What’s harder was finishing it. If it is not because of the non-negotiable deadline I set for myself, I wouldn’t be able to finish writing a book.

The real goal was to improve myself and to earn a living writing. Since I started a career online, my dream should also start there.

I invested a lot of time, money, and effort just to make my dream come true. A lot of things I sacrifice: movies, TV, Facebook, and almost all of my family time. I’m glad my wife was always there to remind me that I’m eating too much writing.

And I almost forget her and our son. That’s how passionate I am writing!

And now, my book will be out in the market soon!

No hard copies. It’s a digital copy. Just to let you aware again.

Stand by. 

It’s for you and others who aspire to start a career online even though if they’re not a techie!

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Marleo Enobio

Marleo is a work-at-home father. He blogs about his journey towards learning how to code and some online opportunities and tech news. When he's not working or doing anything online, he spends time with his family and serve a Christian community. He lives in General Santos City, Philippines.

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