Why I Decided to Learn to Code In My Mid-Thirties?

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Learning to code is a daunting task especially for a guy like me with no computer background. Did not graduate from any computer-related course. And above all, hated computers (in the past).

Then why the change?

One thing I’m really passionate and read about often is the Future. Even in movies and books, I love sci-fi. So today, I always read online about technology-related articles and how we are progressing from gadgets to sending rockets to the International Space Station.

For all our progress today, what’s fact, they’re powered by computers. And computers are nothing without software—a program. A program is nothing without a code. So all types of computer software are coded to the core.

Our future is advancing based in advanced programming even from a simple website to AI and robotics to machine learning and data science.

In this regard, here are my reasons.

Why I decided to learn to code in my mid-thirties

1. I want to be part to shape the future

Though I put this as number one, it is the least of my reasons. But, it’s worth to mention. Being a programmer, you create things that make people’s lives easier. Whether a simple app to trace an infected person of Covid-19, or making an app that makes graduates easily find a job using the app you can probably make.

I realized as a programmer, it’s all about solving problems and making the lives of people easier. 

It’s not only about coding. It’s all about solving real world problems.

The future will be powered by powerful machines that is well-programmed and help accomplish tasks faster to create convenience for people. So, if I become an excellent programmer, it’s part of my goal to be one of the people to shape the future through the programs I created that are useful every day for people to use.

Though this is a lofty goal. Who knows, one step at a time, I’ll get there when the time comes. I already have an idea what app I’m going to create soon.

I just need to take the baby steps to make it happen. Which starts from the basics to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

2. Coding is One of the Most In-Demand Job

This is my short-term goal. Currently, I work as a virtual assistant. I made a lot of mistakes paying a lot of training online which I did not use today.

I want to do something different. I don’t want to be a VA forever. 

So I decided to learn a new skill which is to lean to code. A very promising job I know awaits ahead of me to get a better pay.

Yeah. This is it!

3. Programmers are paid well

As to support to my idea above, programmers are highly paid especially if you are highly proficient in the most known programming languages today like JavaScript, Java and Python.

As a starter, I did not delve deep into these programming languages yet. As I mention, learning HTML, CSS, and soon JavaScript is the way to go.

Soon, I’ll upgrade myself by learning these languages especially Python.

4. I can offer my services online and offline

When I become good at what I’m doing which is coding, to earn both online and offline is my target. Especially building websites for companies.

This is one of the top reasons why I got motivated to commit every day and do well in learning to code.

I can support my family well and have a smooth transition to a very lucrative career.

And yes, I can go freelance.

I can get clients both local and international.

5. I can build a tech company

It’s another goal.

Yes, I plan to build a tech company when the time comes when I become confident in what I’m doing and get steady clients.

I can hire software developers and provide jobs to my fellow countrymen.

Hopefully, this will happen in 2 to 5 years time. Who knows?

6. I’m be Part of the technological advancement

I’m a voracious reader.

I always read about technology and the future. Being in the industry I’m trying to enter now, I will always get updated on what the future looks like based on the prevailing tech news I read every day.

The future is very promising how humans can advance technologically.

That’s why, I love the idea that as a future software engineer, I can be part of the future to contribute to society to the advancement of the human race technologically.

7. The fastest way to be rich is to create an application

The top richest men today are the owners of tech companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft

You bet, the fastest way to be rich today is to create an app that people love and obsess with it to use every day.

Look at Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter, and other popular applications today.

The owners became instant billionaires less than a decade only. And there are also multi-millionaires who created useful applications that are also on their way to become billionaires.


I’m not obsessed with the last reason. But it’s a path you can’t avoid when you hit a jackpot to create a mobile application that people will fall gaga using it.

It’s possible I could be one of the major players someday to shape the future.

Again, all things started because of my curiosity as I read a lot of tech news every day.

Through this, I as myself, why not delve to programming and learn to code?

And here I am today.

If ever I build a skill on the side while I work as a VA, why not learn something that I can start a career and eventually build a company out of it, right?

This is what motivated me now to learn to code. The future looks promising for coders.

Another, it’s fun and my curiosity will be filled endlessly with the complex world of programming and endless possibilities to provide a better future for me and my family.

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Marleo Enobio

Marleo is a work-at-home father. He blogs about his journey towards learning how to code and some online opportunities and tech news. When he's not working or doing anything online, he spends time with his family and serve a Christian community. He lives in General Santos City, Philippines.

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