Understanding JavaScript: 5 Probable Reasons Why I Struggle A Lot (You Can Probably Relate)

Understanding JavaScript

After a month of learning HTML and CSS, I went straight to learn JavaScript. 

I was so excited like a child. 

This is it…

The best programming language of the web I can now learn. 

But let me tell you something before my lessons in HTML and CSS.

I had planned to dive my head first in JavaScript. But I was warned online. That I need to learn first the markup languages which are HTML and CSS if I want to become a front-end web developer.

(I’ll write separately why I want to become a front-end developer first).

You may ask, what is a front-end web developer? Simply, everything you see on the website with your eyes. It’s the work of a front-end web developer. 

That’s the simplest definition I can give you for now. I thought web development was an easy path.

My mistake.

When I study JavaScript even for just the basics, I was grappling a lot to understand the basics. How much more advanced concepts, right?

Without further ado, let me share with you my struggles in learning JavaScript.

1. I find it hard to understand the complex syntax

Every language in the world has its own syntax. A syntax is a set of rules in order for us to understand the language well or understand each other. 

And programming languages are no different. 

They  have their own unique syntax. Unfortunately, JavaScript is one of the programming languages that has a complex syntax.

I thought I was really the only one that had problems understanding JavaScript. When I search online, it’s a common problem for people who try to learn this program.

And I have to accept the fact: 

That it may take longer for me to understand  the whole concept of Javascript language.

Time should be my ally. 

Taking it one step at a time.

2. Maybe because I’m not a computer graduate

I question myself. 

Maybe I struggle to understand JavaScript because I’m not a computer graduate. It’s a good reason.


I regret why I did not take up computer science when I was in college.

But when I checked online, it opened my eyes that a lot of programmers don’t have a computer background.

Some came from a business industry and went straight to learn to program.

Others were coming from an entertainment industry or political science background.

I realized to become a programmer,  computer science background is not required. 

What matters is the will to learn a programming language and to dedicate time to learn it.

3. Maybe I’m too old to learn to program

Believe me, I asked myself countless times this question.

I even searched on Google hundreds of times if it is too late to learn how to program.

Programming is for young people. I’m now at 35 and it feels… again… too late.

JavaScript language is too complex for me to understand right away. Maybe it’s something with an age?

It’s a nice excuse to stop myself learning to program.

It’s a temptation I alway fight.

To simply walk away and learn something else.

But again, it’s a dream now. I have to. 

More so I need to. 

Because, that’s my future. For me and for my family.

4. Distractions can be factor too

I am a family man. 

I can’t avoid sometimes during my learning time my son creates a lot of noise. We have a small house and the noise easily reverberates in the house and sounds irritating.

A child is a child. 

It’s the truth. And I can’t rant to my son because he’s so annoying and distracting. 

I love him. 

All I can do is to understand and ask my wife to help me control him and somehow minimize the noise.

This is the life I choose. This is the house I have. I chose to be a family man.

If I want to become a programmer, I have to accept my reality and live with it and avoid complaining every day.


5. Maybe my weakness in Math could be a factor

Programming contains a lot of logic and numbers.

And my biggest problem: Math is my weakness.

I flunk my math subjects in high school and college. The #1 subject I truly hate. 

Believe me.

I avoided any profession that has something to do with Math. True enough, I pursued BS in Public Administration.

It’s a far cry to what I’m trying to do today and build my future, right? To learn to program and earn a lot from it.

It’s a long story to tell why I took this course in college that has nothing to do with what I’m doing today.

Past is past now. But I digress.

To learn how to program, understanding the basics of Math and logic can greatly help in getting deeper insights of the functions and logic of programming.

Those who are in the Math profession were able to shift a career as a programmer in a short period of time. 

Or those who are good in Math were able to transition easily.

But I don’t want this to be a hindrance to my success.

I have to work my way out of my weakness.

As the old adage says, “If there’s a will, there’s a way.” 

Math can be learned. And programming can be learned by anyone whether we are a Math whiz or not.

Final Thoughts

JavaScript is not easy to learn. It’s hard to understand. That is a fact!

But it doesn’t mean it’s impossible for a guy like me to learn this programming language and become an expert.

It’s really tempting to give up sometimes. It’s tempting to walk away and just do something else when I’m in front of my computer trying to understand Javascript.

There’s always hope.

And I cling to it no matter what. I hope one day I could be one of the JavaScript experts.

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Marleo Enobio

Marleo is a work-at-home father. He blogs about his journey towards learning how to code and some online opportunities and tech news. When he's not working or doing anything online, he spends time with his family and serve a Christian community. He lives in General Santos City, Philippines.

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