The #1 habit that will bring you to the glory of online success

#1 habit

Have you ever asked yourself if ever there’s a #1 habit to succeed online, what would it be and why?

You bet.  There is.

This habit is actually common to successful people. I can even hear them (online) over and over again recommending this habit to their admirers. It is even a universal routine of the richest men in the world.

If this habit benefits them a lot, then ordinary people like us could also benefit from it. Right? Here’ the truth: to start a career online, this habit is vital. A must. And even non-negotiable.

And the sad part:

As simple as it may sound, most guys out there won’t do this consistently. They don’t want to form this kind of attitude. Yes, they will try. They start, create a little spark, and then sooner or later stop making a light. 

They realized, it sounds boring. Unexciting. Not challenging. Or simply, they just don’t want to do it.

Is it probably because of laziness?

I think they know—what they should do, but refuse to carry it out.

Why do you think many people ultimately don’t want to do it? The bottom line: they want to shortcut the process or cut the chase to success. 

You’re probably one of them, aren’t you?

We love success. But we don’t want to go through the painful process. Which, this habit is part of. It can be a pain to most. Or it can be a fun time for some.

I’ll tell you frankly if you want to succeed online, you can’t skip this part. Do you want to know what I’m talking about now?

Here we go…

The #1 habit 


Did I surprise you? Probably no. Probably yes. But let me ask you a question, do you like reading? Okay, that’s a pretty lame inquiry. Let me rephrase that.

Do you LOVE reading?


I’m not talking about reading just a single piece of article like this. To love reading, this means you have to do it every day and enjoy it. Sometimes, or even most of the time, you feel like not doing it, but you have to because that’s what necessary.

It’s like love and commitment. In marriage, your emotions sometimes are low. But still, you continue to be with the person you love.

In reading, it’s no different. That’s a fact.

As a breadwinner, I’m really serious about making money online for my family. And today, I’m aiming for a 6-digit income in 6-12 months’ time, I have to make reading as part of my life. I need to do it consistently. No matter what.

Same with the one I love. I want to spend the rest of my life doing it.

Reading is one of the best ways to learn about an online career, to pursue online success, and get clients online fast.

Really. That’s how it works in the online world.

You have to read a lot as much as you can. And make reading as part of your routine every day if you’re serious making money online.

It sounds daunting. Isn’t it?

Unfortunately, that’s the best and cheapest way to succeed online.

How this habit helped me find clients online?

When I decided to start an online career, the first thing I did was to go online and apply right away. Do you think it’s the right move? Wrong.


Because I did not read enough.

I did not read enough about starting an online career. I did not read enough what these clients want, what are they looking for a virtual assistant, and where I could find them online.

There’s actually more I could have perused online.

And since I was desperate to get a job, I dared myself to read more.

I immerse myself in it and never go back since then.

And it really helped me figure out the way to get clients online. I was able to knit the information together well and applied the techniques I discovered.

Within a week, I found two clients.

I even put all the information in a single book.

Yes, I wrote a book even though I’m not an excellent writer. So that I can put together my lessons in one place.

My book is just one piece of information you may read online. I arranged the lessons I learned in 7 simple steps to start a career at home.

It addresses the struggles of non-techies, non-skilled, but wanted to start a career at home.

Why reading is a must in building a career online?

Quite simply. 

To find clients online, you have to search for them online. And to search for these good-paying clients, you have to read and dig a lot of information on Google and other channels online on how to catch them.

 (My website is in Google too that talks about finding clients.)

Clients are not put on a silver platter. You have to work hard to get them. Clients won’t chase you. But you, you chase them as a beginner. 

However, later on, the chase won’t be that hard. Sometimes, they will be the ones to search for you. Beg you. Plead you.

Believe me. That’s what happened to other home-based professionals.

Honestly, clients have some standards before they work with someone. They have something they’re looking for.  Do you know what they’re looking for?

That’s a good question that will force you to go online and read.

This is where people run into trouble, they don’t know what the clients want, what they crave and what they need. Because they don’t read. A lot. Online.

Now, you may be asking. The internet is the same as a huge jungle. Where should I read online?

That’s a smart question. Let’s discuss this one.

Three platforms where you can find good information online

1. Social Media

Social media is one of the best avenues to find information online especially to look for jobs. For example, you can join Facebook groups and follow some pages related to a home-based career.  There, you can see jobs posted by the admins of the groups and pages.

They also share some articles you can read related to a home-based career and how you can be successful online. However, social media is not the best way to find amazing information online.

The next one should be your friend.

2. Search Engine

Google or Bing is the search engine where you can find a lot of information to start a flourishing career at home. It is so far the best way to find clients and get free information to build relevant skills to kickstart your home-based career.

Just type your keywords. Whatever information you want to find, Google will give it to you. Take note: there’s also a lot of garbage on Google. You gotta learn to sift through the information of what only applies to you.

It’s not easy. It takes time sometimes.

But one thing is easy? To find popular hiring websites like Upwork, Freeup, Fiverr, and You can also find some written tutorials. You can find blog articles. Almost anything now can be found on Google. Only if you know how to search for relevant information.

3. Youtube

Youtube is good to watch tutorials on how to use a specific product, how to fix something, and how to succeed online. There are more people today sharing their success stories and knowledge.

However, the information is kind of limited sometimes to a specific subject.

Unlike what Google can provide.

Still, Youtube is a good way to learn to supplement your reading. Obviously, this is not part of the reading habit but for your learning habits.

Several YouTubers have a blog and they put the links below their videos. You can follow the link to read the transcript of their videos or search for further related information on their blogs. 

4. Ebooks and books

This is my favorite.

To build a career at home, reading an ebook is one of the fastest ways to learn. You can download some free ebooks online. But, the free ones are just basics or just a pitch to another more extensive information that bloggers are selling.

If you have a little budget, buy ebooks. The essential information is just put in one place. It’ll save a lot of time. You don’t need to go through different articles and weaved the information together. Or an ebook may save you from buying an expensive online course.

Ebooks are quite cheaper to compare. And most paid ebooks are money-back guaranteed. It’s risk-free for you.

But again, it helps if you really read. Or else you waste your time and money.

You may ask why ebooks and not a physical book?

Here’s my answer:

Most of the information you’re looking for to start a career at home is sold in ebooks. It’s not available most of the time in a physical book that can be found in a local bookstore.

Just like my book. It’s only sold in ebook because I feel my market is hanging out online especially on Facebook. 

Aside from that, it takes time to publish an ebook in hard copies as we need to go through the rigmarole before it gets approved in a traditional publisher. That’s what other authors are thinking of.

But I digress.

Today, I read both ebooks and hard copy books to supplement my knowledge of my online career and to master a skill on the side.

Don’t discount the power of reading.

Reading is not hard. Just do it.

Believe it. It’s NOT hard.

Here’s how you can slowly start the habit of reading: start small. Spend at least 10 to 15 minutes a day. Have a coffee to sip (or milk if you don’t like coffee) and then read somewhere else to relax.

Don’t wait for inspiration. Just take action.


Later, you’ll love reading. Especially you start with topics you love. You can start with bloggers or authors you can relate with and find their style of writing entertaining.

Mark Manson said, “Don’t wait for inspiration, don’t wait for feelings to come. Just do something and inspiration and feelings will follow.”

He’s right.

If you depend on your emotions, you won’t develop a habit of reading. Emotions are fickle. Inspiration seldom comes. You have to decide.

Commit to it.

There’s only one secret formula to develop a habit of reading every day: Just do it no matter what. No ifs and buts. Schedule it every day.

Yeah. For the sake of your online career

Start now.

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