How to Quit Your Job Without Your Family Going Hungry

How to Quit Your Job

Let me guess…

You’re planning to quit your job, right? Or am I just plain wrong?

The reason you’re reading this now, you probably thinking if there’s an easy way to escape: the toxic environment, the ever-changing metrics at work, and your team leader or boss are not appreciating your effort every single day. Ouch. That hurts.

Even just a simple tap at the back or a whisper in your ear, “Job well done, Robert!”. You can only hear this in the movie. It’s a fantasy in the office nowadays.

That’s not it: 

How about the traffic you go through every day? The heavy and light rain. The hot and too hot weather. All these things add up to your burden.

Oh no, I’m not talking about your job which means “just over broke”. A small salary is always not enough. 

This is more painful than the rest of the pain I’m mentioning earlier. Now, these reasons might be enough to convince you to quit your job.

But easy-peasy man. A good exit is the best way. And that’s what I’m going to talk about today.

Here we go.  

How to quit your job without putting your family at risk of going hungry.


1. Plan ahead of time


Quitting your job is not easy if you’re feeding hungry mouths every day. That’s why you need to start with a plan. I mean not an imaginary plan. It is a concrete plan of WHEN are you planning to quit your job.

A concrete plan is a written plan. It’s not only in your head. There’s a lot of things you think every day and your plan might be forgotten if that is not written down. 

In planning, we are talking about a timeline.  Is it three months or is it six months from now to quit your job? 

Is this too long for you? It might be. Especially if you’re extremely unhappy at work.  

But it’s worth a sacrifice when you see the end of the tunnel that it’s a good exit. Sacrifice a bit.  

Like me, I’ve waited for two years before I quit my job just to get the early retirement benefits.

Plan ahead your graceful exit.


2. Save enough

This is in support of step #1. How much enough is enough? Ideally, it should be 3 to 6 months of your salary. 

Having enough savings, you can definitely ensure your family will not go hungry. They’re your greatest motivation why you work, aren’t they?

Obviously, savings are your lifeline. Save as much as you can.

Tighten your belt. Save enough. 


3. Learn a skill on the side

Your biggest reason why you’re quitting your job is a good motivation. But, what’s important is what you’re going to do next.

If you decide to work at home, learning an important skill is crucial. You can use the skill you learned at work, or you can learn a new skill if you want to explore a different opportunity online.

I worked as a call center agent in my last job. I decided if ever I work at home, I don’t want to take calls. So, I studied non-voice skills to get a non-voice job. 

And I succeeded.


4. Decide which career you want to go next

Are you planning to transfer to another company, or you want to work at home, or you want to start a business?

Either way, decide wisely which career you want to do next. No wishy-washy. No dilly-dally. Just a bold decision. Meanwhile, you don’t need to hurry for this decision. Just spend more time thinking until finalizing everything. 

The fate of your family will rely on what you do next. Your next career can be a make or break to your family’s security.

Decide and choose wisely your next career.


5. Create a backup plan

After I got the early retirement benefits from my last company, I was NOT able to go full time right away in my home-based career. 

I realized when I went home, it takes a while to set up the technical requirements. My old laptop was no longer working. Our house is still rented. And applying for an internet connection was not easy.

In other words, I need to implement my backup plan.

Which is to work in an office temporarily even though I won’t get the same pay. Just to buy time and to slow down burning our little family savings. I have expenses week by week. To supplement our savings, I need to work no matter how little the pay is. For as long as it sustains us.

This is how important to have a backup plan. Create a backup plan just in case things don’t work your way temporarily.


6. Go back to the original plan

Of course!

After executing your backup plan, go back to your ultimate plan. It is the plan of all plans. A plan to bring you closer to your dreams. 

I work at home now. It was a goal.  It’s easy now to execute my next plan which is building a passive income on the side. 

Working at home, I have more control over my time compared to working in the office. Since I don’t travel outside just to work.

I can now focus on executing the biggest dream of my life for my family.

What’s your ultimate plan? Go for it. 


7. Give all

Once you’ve immersed with your current plan, give all! 

Sacrifice. Persist. Never give up!

It’s not gonna be an easy walk in the park.

Working at home I thought was easy. I almost quit. I hang on. I told myself, “This is what I want. The most important BRIDGE to pass through my dreams!”

How much more building a passive income online? 

It’s more difficult than ever. It’s a whole new world for me. Especially no one believes in you, you can do it. It feels you’re doing it all alone. 

The only thing I can think of is: to believe.

I just finished writing a book as one of my biggest dreams. A book can create passive income if it sells well.  Let’s see. 

I’m happy living with my dreams every day. Living means I’m doing what I love to do each day which is writing.

It’s pure bliss. 

What’s your ultimate dream? Work on it. GIVE YOUR ALL.


Final thoughts

Quitting your job is not an easy decision. It requires a lot of planning. A lot of brainstorming. 

If you are planning to transfer to another job,  that probably be easy. However, it still requires time to do it like a month or two.

You have to weigh things down. The situation might be the same or worse.

But if you’re planning to work at home after quitting your job, smart planning is needed.

You’ve got to test yourself first. While working, apply for a part-time job online before deciding to go full-time.

Good luck with your plans.


Let me know your thoughts. Drop a comment below.

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