How to Hack Your Brain, Think You can, and Get the Job You Ever Want Online

Are you losing hope to get the job you ever want online?

You applied a lot but still you feel like you’re hitting a wall. No one has ever give damn attention to your online applications. You feel like giving up.

I know, I know it’s difficult. I was in your shoes. I thought to get a job online was an easy walk in the park.

But I was wrong.

Getting a lot of rejections, it feels like I was the dumbest man to live on earth. While others were able to get a job easily, I was  still stuck in the mud, almost losing my patience.

I took blame to those things outside my control. Clients who are choosy. Who have high standards. Who chose people with experience. Internet connections that are slow. Poor laptop performance.

Yeah, it’s easy to blame these things.

Then suddenly, I took responsibility. I tried to do something different. Something to think creatively. To address what’s within me.

To hack the powerful computer lies inside my head.

True enough, it was the answer to all my problems to attract the job I wanted online.  And things suddenly turned out in my favor.

Today, that’s what I’m going to share with you. Let’s get started.

How to Hack Your Brain

1.  Create better thoughts of yourself

The conversation you have with yourself is critical. For saying things like,  “I can’t do it”, “It’s hard!”, “It’s confusing and difficult!”, these negative self-talk can harm your chances of getting a job online. Words have power. Make your words work for you and not against you.

How do you create better thoughts? By replacing your words about yourself. It’s tempting to say the hard things. The difficulties in life.

I am no exception. When I started applying online, I taught my brain the hard way to really think the right way and say positive words as much as I can. For example, “If others do it, I can do it better!”  I did not settle for trying to copy others. I settled for more. That I can do better.

I challenged myself as someone who can do better things. A person who can break the numbers of getting a job faster than anyone else. The positive self-talk helps a lot. This is not to brag. It’s only my personal motivation. I kept it myself. I did not tell others. That I’m better than them.  It’s a personal philosophy to push myself harder and do better.

This was my way to fight my negativity inside that seems to be controlling me time to time.

In the same way, you have to talk positively about yourself to overcome self-criticism, doubts, and fears. We all have those. To train your brain to think better, it will physically changes your brain without knowing. There’s a lot of work going on inside us.

Replace unhelpful thoughts by saying positive words. Use words that work for you.  Choose words that help you live life better.

Starting today, before you apply online, and before you look up jobs online, create better thoughts. Believe me, your brain would function better as if you hack it without your self-awareness.

This is one of the best ways to win job opportunities—to consistently use words that empower you.

2.  Focus on one task at a time

Our brain might not be able to achieve anything if we do things all at the same time. We must focus on a single target.  I admit:  I was disorderly when I applied online. I was trying to do all things at once.

Then I reorganized my online activities. I focused on one task at a time.  I went to learn one skill at a time. If I needed to learn a certain tool, I avoided distractions and closed down social media accounts. If I needed to write something for my blog, I stopped responding to notifications that required my attention.

As a result, I was more productive. It’s simpler. My brain can think easily of a single target.  It produces more ideas and operates well like a new machine. As it runs smoothly as expected.

You must stay focus. List your top priorities and hit them one at a time.  If you’re applying for a job, focus on it. Avoid entertaining social notifications or entertaining visitors at home. Set aside time and don’t compromise to focus on your single goal.

I tried to mentor someone. She really wanted a non-voice job online. The problem is, she couldn’t focus on her target. She got distracted to a lot to things that matter less. Her brain was discombobulated.

Even how good the system I taught her, the only real problem is the distractions around her. The lack of focus sabotaged her chances to win jobs online.

3.  Write something for better memory

I lost my passwords a lot. From social media accounts to some important websites I use daily for my clients. Personally, I’m lazy to write things. I am too dependent on my memory.

But that’s the problem. I have poor memory. To address this kind of problem, I began to write things even though I don’t like it. I even bought a small notebook just to encourage myself to write important stuff.

Surprisingly, it solves my problem quickly. Eventually, I remove in putting a lot of stress to my brain to think hard and remember things about my passwords and some important ideas.

When I have more ideas, I write them on paper or to my computer to retain and access them at a later time. When I see the words I’ve written down, my brain quickly pick up where I left off and easily expanded those ideas.

Writing helps me serve my client well. Whenever she asks me to do something, I write what she told me. And I write fast. My client doesn’t have time repeating herself. She moves and talks fast.

Make it a habit to write something. You can  make your brain creates better memory. The very nature of writing with our hands is to help us organize our thoughts. The organization is the goal so we can focus on getting the right ideas. The brain hates disorganization.

4.  Seek out feedback

In Toastmasters organization, feedback is the heart of making everyone improves their public speaking and leadership skills.

Feedback helps us realize our strengths and do something with our weaknesses.

Our evaluation session quite a big help to point out what to improve on ourselves. We help each others thrive and excel.

Receiving feedback is a good exercise to our brain. Through feedback, we can accelerate our learning. And getting the right feedback can help improve our strengths. It added more connections to our brain that makes it grow healthily. The learning pattern is reinforce within us.

That means, if you’re getting attention from others through feedback about your strengths, it gets you motivated to excel and do things beyond expectations. You feel powerful and stronger. Even feel smarter.

Reinforce your brain by receiving constructive feedback.

Just make sure, you’re getting feedback from people who are honest enough. Because if they don’t, it creates ego. It harms you more than help.

5.  Manage your emotions well

Our emotions are connected to our brain. Our brain is connected to our emotions. It works vice-versa.

Now, here’s the question: which comes first, the thoughts from your brain or your emotions?

According to the book Become Supernatural: How Common People Do the Uncommon, author Dr. Joe Dispenza said, “our emotions can control our brain and we can operate it in our favor.”

That’s an amazing revelation!

If we could learn to control our emotions, we could also learn to control our brain.

To control our emotions, it takes a lot of discipline. When I applied online, I was put to the test. I submitted a lot of applications and no one bother to respond. I felt like I wanted to give up. My emotions would try to control me.

I panic. Because I  needed the job right away. My family would go hungry soon if I didn’t get a job ASAP.

I could go depressed at that moment. But I learned to pacify my emotions and to maintain my cool.

This helped me to find some techniques on how to get noticed online. What if I went out of control and gave up?

I shouldn’t have been doing what I’m doing today. And the worst-case scenario, I would be away again with my family as I had planned to go back to the BPO industry.

Learning to manage our emotions well, we can think more creatively and find solutions to our problems easily.

6.  Protect yourself from negativity around

Associating with negative people can impact and affect our inner world. Our beliefs. Our thinking.

Don’t let others steal your joy and your confidence by hanging out with negative people.

Protect yourself.

Be with positive people who support and get excited about your success. Like me, I attend our Toastmasters meeting regularly and associate myself with amazing people. Their support and encouragement makes me more to believe in myself.

I’ve written a book. And they gave me honest and powerful feedback how I could improve as a writer.

There’s one gave her time to edit and proofread my work just to improve the manuscript.

They never doubted my capacity to write a book even though I didn’t have any background in writing. I’ve never been paid to write. I’ve never been in the writing profession.

(As you can see here, my writing is not perfect. I’m still learning.)

Because of their positive vibes when I shared my endeavor in life, they’re more amaze and persuade me to do more.

Not only in Toastmasters,  I also have friends online and offline who are very positive and encouraging.

Be with your positive friends. If you can’t find one—look for an organization that is supportive and inspiring like Toastmasters. Even more,  you can join some Facebook groups which promotes a positive atmosphere online.

Condition your brain by hanging out with positive people. Use the power of association in your favor.

7.  Laugh often to relieve stress

You know the old cliché “Laughter is the best medicine”. It still holds truer today.  Laughter is a strong medicine especially to relieve our stress. There’s a lot of studies supporting it.

To find laughter in every situation, develop your sense of humor. It’s easy to take away the stress with laughter.

When we destress ourselves with laughter, it’s easy to overcome our problems and challenges in life. We can think better thoughts. And it’s easy to go on with life and pursue opportunities online and offline.

Someone said, “Laughter takes you to a higher place where you can view the world from a more relaxed, positive, and joyful perspective.”

I totally agree!

Final Thoughts

Very often, the problem with people who apply online and struggle to find a job, it’s not with their lack of skills and techniques. It has more to do of their internal programming. Their brain functions.

You have to be aware of this. Our internal acitivities are crucial to empower ourselves to believe more of what we can do.

Now you learn how to hack your brain, you can believe more of yourself. You can see more your potential.

Remember: applying online is hard. But It becomes harder if you constantly think it’s hard.

When you think you can, you always CAN

Whatever job you’re targeting online, it’s always possible to get it. Whatever income you desire, it’s always possible to have it. The possibility is endless when you think you can.

As what Napoleon Hill said, “Whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve.”

Start to hack your brain now, always think you can, and believe you can get the job you ever want online.

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Marleo Enobio

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