Good-Paying Clients: The Blunt Truth Why It’s Hard to Find Them Online

good-paying clients

Are you looking for good-paying clients? Admit it. We both searching for them. We race towards them. No matter what we do, they’re still hard to find and seem to be hiding.

It’s as if we are in the jungle hunting for wild animals.

Well, that’s a certainty: the internet is a huge jungle to hunt for food.  Almost everyone today trying to start a career at home is looking for clients. But not only clients—but good-paying clients. 

Where are they? What do they want? Or What are they looking for?

Those are your constant questions. Right? Even I, they were my perennial questions when I started. And here’s the most stupid question I had, are they hiding? Of course not!

While clients it’s hard to find, doing less in searching them will make our chances dive to zero.

If you want to know why they’re hard to find, why they’re choosy, and why they seem to be hiding, you need to know what they’re looking for. And that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

I can’t wait to reveal to you the truth. Let’s get started. 

(Take note: I’m writing specifically for aspiring virtual assistants and not for aspiring freelancers. It’s a different strategy, as it requires a higher degree of preparation and skills and most of the time money to spend with for portfolio).

What Clients Are Really Looking For

1. They’re looking for a detail-oriented person

As the common adage says, “The devil is in the details!” It’s true. For any business to run, the smallest details are crucial and quite hard to manage.

It can affect the big things in the business like getting new customers and increasing revenue. 

Clients need someone who can help them notice and arrange the smallest details and if there are errors need to be corrected.

For example with my client that I serve today, the small details on how we arrange the data affect us to slow down our job. It takes time to search for information. This was not arranged thoroughly by a previous virtual assistant.

And this must change as we’re both affected.

As a result, I rearranged our data and made a small change in how we obtain and manage customer information.

Clients are really looking for someone who can organize things. A person who has a keen attention to details will be the one most likely to get a job.

2. They’re looking for those who can write good content

If you have a client who runs a blog and social media accounts, you need to know how to write good content for them. Your writing skills play a good part.

Are you good at writing? It will be your asset. Even if you’re not in a writing profession, you must know basic English skills to update the social media accounts and create a blog post for your potential clients.

If you write better than the rest of those who apply, well, good for you. It’s one of the most valuable skills online. Don’t be surprised you could be hired on the spot!

writing good content

Writing is quite a valuable asset online. It is a must for aspiring virtual assistants now. You don’t need your English to be perfect. Just know the basics of writing and the English rules. Avoid committing obvious grammatical errors.

3. They’re looking for creative people

We are in an age where creativity is highly valuable online (Or even offline). Creative people are scarce today. Clients are looking for someone who is creative enough in any form of online marketing: social media, email campaigns, building sales page, website design, blogging, etc.

Getting customers online is so stiff and it requires good tactics to lure customers to buy. Especially, the most challenging part is to get the attention of potential buyers from Google and social media channels.

If clients don’t know how the ins and outs of online marketing and do it by themselves, they can be burned out or waste money.

That’s why they like virtual assistants who are not mere virtual assistants but, can help make things better, and creative enough to suggest things.

It’s quite challenging to be creative. Sometimes, you’ll run out of ideas. In my personal pursuit of creativity, I keep on reading and explore more the online world by trying to run my own business through the use of blogging and selling my own e-book

Creativity uses a lot of brains. And it sucks a lot of brain energy. Are you okay with this type of job? If yes, good. Now my next question is:

Are you creative? Can you generate clever ideas for your clients? If you’re not, then learn to be creative. It will serve you well if you want to pursue a career online.

4. They’re looking for real problem-solvers

The agency who hired me said, “I hired you because you are a problem-solver!” I hit the spot of what they need. It’s one of the top qualities that clients are looking for today.

Are you a problem-solver? I mean not finding a solution to your personal life problems. What I mean, is solving your clients’ business problems. For example, when a client instructs you something to complete a task without clear instructions, can you find the missing instructions online and still complete the job?

problem-solving skills

Can you solve problems with little involvement of your client? Can you use a tool just by listening and watching to Youtube tutorials or reading Google articles?

Can you find a solution to a problem a client doesn’t know how to solve?

Forget about your college instructors who discourage you to search on Google to find solutions to your problems. Because almost everything now can be found on Google. You just need to know how to search for an answer.

To dig on a mountain of garbage on Google and find the gold in it is also an arduous task.

A real problem-solver can also fix problems by himself whatever the available resources online.

Many times, I feel like I’m working alone. My client doesn’t have time to answer my questions. So I always turn to Google and Youtube to find the answers to my client’s problems.

Do you like solving problems? If you don’t, then maybe a career online might not be right for you.

5. They’re looking for those who have knowledge of basic tools

If you are applying as a virtual assistant, then a fundamental knowledge of tools commonly used by VAs should be your priority.

It’s hard to get a VA job today due to the competition. There’s a lot of people going online now and looking for clients relentlessly. How can you get ahead of the competition?

SImply, learn the basic tools. 

It’s the first thing I realized why I couldn’t find clients online when I started. Aside from I was a bad writer.

Learning the basic tools, it is one of the most important stuff you should take before you embark on a home-based career.

Those basic tools are Google Suite, Ofice 365, Skype, Canva, WordPress (Basic only), and some popular tools online.

Believe me, it’s easier to knock on the opportunity if you know how to use the basic tools.

6. They’re looking for those who are good in social media marketing

Being well-rounded to apply as a virtual assistant will be your key strength. And one of the things you must also learn is social media marketing. 

A lot of clients today are looking for social media marketers to increase their reach of customers and build authority online.

You have to learn the basics of social media marketing. And the way to learn it is to create your own social media accounts on different channels. Or to advance your knowledge, open a Facebook page or LinkedIn business page.

Immerse yourself to these business pages and know how to update them daily and increase your followers. I created one for this blog to keep on practicing myself and somehow build authority online.

Social media is the trend today, especially for Facebook. The king of social media. It’s one of the best social media platforms to build authority and market the products and services of your potential clients.

Clients focus on competence and not on your education

Clients today are more particular about what you know than who you are. Like you must know the English rules. You know how to use basic tools. You know how to solve their business problems.

Even a certification to a few important tools online will be your additional competitive advantage.

Our education matter less. Even if you graduate from the top university (UP or UST), it doesn’t matter. Clients don’t care. They’re after your proof of competence. In other words, can you help them? Can you ease their burdens running a business?

As you know now what they want, it’s time to work on them. Now.

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