8 Good Reasons to Quit Our Jobs Soon

Good Reasons to quit our jobs

Have you been thinking lately to quit your job but you can’t?

This had been my constant dilemma when I reached two years with my last job. I was working in the BPO industry for over seven years.

I struggled to quit my job as I came unprepared and unclear about what lay ahead of me. The lack of skills, family problems, financial problems, and passions to do the things I wanted to do, jumbled into one plate that gave me confusion if I proceed on quitting my career or not.

But one thing for sure: I was truly unhappy with my last company. But I tried to pretend as much as I can just in case there’s still love left.

It’s as if I was stuck in a toxic relationship. I fake it till I make it.

Sadly, it did not work. Eventually, I quit. I waited for the right time to come; I stayed five years before I said, “it’s over!”

In retrospection, today, here are my top reasons when we should quit our jobs.

Get ready.

8 Good Reasons to Quit Our Jobs Soon

1. We should quit our job if we have enough savings to afford quitting

This was my number one problem. I couldn’t leave my offline job as soon as I wanted to quit.

Why? I did not have enough money.

The moment I received the first salary of my last work, I thought of buying all my wants.

I did what a majority of people did when they received their first pay: spend it all (after I paid my debts)! I even gave my full 13th-month pay to the mall.

I bought the things I never had in my life: a branded jacket, branded shirts, branded shoes, and anything branded. I longed to wear something marked, something good and nice. Just a little thing to brag.

Please understand I was too poor back then. It’s probably why I wanted to experience what it feels like to wear branded stuff.

Frankly, it didn’t feel any difference to wear these things (probably, a slight difference).

In the end, I regretted my decisions.

The lack of savings affected my decisions to quit my job early, which I began to hate. My lack of discipline in handling money backfired on me later. 

In the end, I waited for five years to receive a package of early retirement. I was fortunate I had something to get from my company when I resigned. Though not that much.

But it’s an excellent start to finance my next move to establish an online career.

2. We should quit our jobs when we’re eternally unhappy at work

Unhappy at work
Photo by Yuris Alhumaydy on Unsplash

 It’s crazy if we come to work and complain every day because we don’t like our jobs, we don’t like our bosses. When we are dragging our feet going to work that we wish we were doing something else. It’s pathetic, right?

That was me. 

When my schedules changed at 3 am, and almost every day, I slept for 3 to 4 hours only, I felt so horrible. 

If you were like me, what would you feel for sleeping for less than four hours almost every day?

I bet. You will feel sick and tired and weak, right?

I worked as a call center agent

Rotating schedules are the trend. Work-hours are out of my control. Schedules changes on a whim. It changes when management changes. It changes for so many reasons. And as employees, we obey no matter what. It’s I signed up for.

When I could no longer endure this type of schedule, I said, “enough!”  

No more fooling around. No more killing myself. 

My last job was killing me softly.

Irrevocably, I decided, it’s time to quit and do something else better.

3. We probably leave our job when we are searching for professional growth, but our company can’t provide it

With my last job, all I do every day at work is work, work, work.

I could not find anything new — a sort of professional growth.

Something a good break to a drudge. I was looking to attend some seminars. A disruption at work to recondition my mind.

My previous company doesn’t have that kind of program. Though, they had some perks to increase the fun at work. But not until when another company bought it out.

Afterward, they focus on making money and the employees work like a machine.

We were burden with calls daily. Once the calls slow down, that’s the time we can breathe and relax a bit.

Unfortunately, this seldom happens.

I took the initiative to grow myself. I inquired about the free educational program provided by our company. That’s where I finished my MBA.

But a person like me who desires for more learning and to apply what I have learned, there’s no denying that the type of environment is not apt for what I wanted at work.

Instead of complaining, I sought outside learning. That’s where I bumped into Toastmasters International. A non-profit organization that helps people develop their leadership and public speaking skills.

However, time is my enemy. If I join a meeting at night, it impacts more my sleep patterns. If I don’t attend, I feel trap of my work going there every day without learning something new.

When you’re doing the same thing over and over again, it’s a domestic drudgery, isn’t it? It bores you to death.

It feels like I’ll go crazy to this kind of monotony.

And I reached a point it’s time to pull me out of this situation. So, I quit my job along with other reasons here.

4. We should quit our jobs if we seek career advancement, but we are on a dead-end profession

Not all people can be given a chance to move up. Even they’re qualified.

Corporate politics has a lot to do with this: who can go up, who can go down, and who will get stuck on a corporate ladder.

If you’re ambitious like me, you wouldn’t stay long to a company where you couldn’t find to move up, increase your salary, and put yourself to another level of challenge.

Because to stay where you are is like career suicide. A zombie-like occupation.

When you aspire for a higher position, you know it’s a futile attempt. There are more people ahead of you waiting for the same opportunity. 

Would you bet yourself to one position when there are also tenured guys out there are waiting for the same opportunity? It’s uncertain.

It takes time a lot of time to wait like years. It’s hard to hope for those people ahead of us to vacate a position, resign, or die.

There’s a lot of guesswork.

Now, the thought of resigning to get a better opportunity somewhere else keeps playing in our minds. And quitting is probably the best route.

5. We might leave our jobs when we are called to do something else for a higher purpose

Higher purpose
Photo by Husna Miskandar on Unsplash

Now, there’s nothing wrong with quitting our jobs because we want to find meaning in what we’re doing. We want to earn a good income while at the same time, enjoy what we honestly love doing.

We want to pursue our passion. To follow our field of specialization. To obey our calling, which many of us discover later.

We want to follow our dreams in life: to start a business, to be an author, to serve God, to travel, etc.

And a lot of these things cannot be fulfilled by working in a company forever.

Yes. There’s nothing wrong to quit our jobs to pursue our true calling in life.

6. We should quit our jobs if we want to move closer to our family

For married people like me, this is one of the top motivations to quit. I longed to be with my family every day when I was still stuck with my last job. 

I worked in Cebu while my family was in General Santos City.

Family is a priority. If there’s a way I can be with them, I will always follow that path.

It’s the very reason why I work at home today.

When I was single, this was out of my mind. But when I got married and have a son, values change, and priority changes.

And everything from #1 to #5 reasons, became intense and brought to my eyes clearly. It added fires to my frustration to quit.

I made drastic plans that would teleport myself back to my family in Mindanao.

It was horrid, full of rejections at the start. I was unsure of what will happen next when I sent my applications online after I resigned.

Yeah, it’s a little gamble. I had small savings in my bank account.

Gladly, it turned out well. Hopefully, it won’t stop until my bigger plans unfold.

7. We should quit if we’re tempted to do evil things

Once a upon a time, I had worked to one of the government agencies as an OJT. Eventually, I got absorbed into a short post without a contract signed.

That’s fine. I was there to explore the government world.

To my horror, what we discussed in the classroom was all real and shocking.

The corruption was left and right. For just a meager income I earn, I followed the leaders to make big.

I went against my conscience. I turned it off temporarily as I needed the money.

I was helping that time my ex for her daily expenses as her salary was not enough to support her family. And I support my family too.

But since I believe so much in God, the guilty button couldn’t be turned off forever. I was bothered 24×7 for doing things against my morals.

I swallowed my principle and joined the rotten government system. And I had to quit to save my soul, and before I throw myself to the abyss of hell.  

(I heard today from my old mates there. This government office has changed a lot. They fear so much losing their jobs when a foul-mouthed fearless president got elected.)

8. We should quit when our boss or company is abusing us

From financial to physical abuse, it should be a big no.

We should not allow ourselves to be abused at work. If our company demands us to go overtime without paying for it, we should say no.

When they allow us to work on a holiday without paying the Holiday premium, we should complain.

When they don’t remit our payment share for SSS, Philhealth, and Pag-ibig, we should report our company.

When we are exposed to a hazardous environment, and they’re doing nothing to protect us and provide incentives, there’s no point in staying to this kind of company.

When there are cruel practices and other forms of subtle abuses, we should not stay mum and let the violations continue.

We have to stand our ground, fight for our rights, negotiate, settle, or bargain. If all else fails, it’s time to report them to the government.

This is the worst-case scenario.

Now, not all companies are heartless. Most are good. Some can be negotiated. A few are innately evil.

Be aware and know your rights as an employee. There’s no point in staying to an evil company. 

Just simply quit, but don’t let the abuses go unreported.

Final Thoughts

Knowing when to quit is hard when we are unprepared.

That is why it’s always better to prepare ourselves financially and psychologically if you want a radical career shift, whether you plan to work at home or work with another company.

Again, there’s nothing wrong to officially leave our jobs.

There’s nothing wrong if we want to pursue something that makes us happier in life — even more fulfilled.

And quitting our jobs is the best solution to fulfill them.

However, if someone depends on us, we can’t be reckless with our decisions to quit. We can’t be selfish. Our decision to quit should also be selfless.

We should strike a balance to pursue what we want in life while on the side, we keep the people we love.

Only you, yourself, know when is the best time to quit. We all have different reasons. We have different situations and values as the source of our motivation to quit.

At least, the list today can be your guide when to quit.

The decision is all yours now!

Did I miss something? Drop your comments below if you other reasons quitting your jobs.

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