5 Simple Steps to Discover Our True Passion In Life

True Passion

What are you really passionate about?

Have you already discovered your passion? Do you believe our passion is connected to our happiness?

It took me more than fifteen years to discover my true passion. I explored a lot of things. I did not get anything I could really excel. I got average of doing many things. I was a jack-of-all-trades-but-master-of-none. Why? Because I don’t know what I wanted to do in life.

Discovering my passion had a lot of twists and turns. A lot of zigzags. I abandoned what I love to do and then back again. I did not believe I can follow my passion. Because I suck at it. But today, I was able to do what I love to do. I was able to write a book.

Let me share with you how I discovered my true passion.

How to discover our true passion?

First step: Think deeply about your deepest desires.

Meditate on the five questions below.

  • Think of something you could die doing forever.
  • Think of something you could be happy doing even without getting paid (At least at first).
  • Think of something you would continue doing no matter how lazy you feel sometimes.
  • Think of something you really feel fulfilled after you see the output of your work.
  • Think of your deepest desires and fears. What if you don’t do what you really wanted to do in life? How would you feel in the end? Do you have regrets?

These are questions that help me think deeply about what really matters to me.

Now, let’s go to the second step.

Second Step:  Take inventory of your interests and hobbies

I did a lot of thinking and here are the things I thought were my passions. There are more of them I explored. I just listed my top seven.

  1. Basketball – I got addicted to basketball. I played from morning until afternoon almost every day. I found out though, it is not realistic to make a career out of it because of my height. It is causing me a lot of disappointments when I joined the taller guys. I abandoned it as early as I can.
  • Dancing
    I followed my friends’ passion only due to peer pressure. I couldn’t endure to practice straight eight hours. I didn’t feel the fire within. Just only the fire of admirable women shouting while we were dancing.
  • Acoustic singer– This thing I thought my definite path. I lost my world when I sing with my guitar. But when I reach two hours singing, I run out of gas and could not go on. The fire within has a short span. It expires too soon. I feel satisfied easily. And the hunger to sing vanished after two hours.
  • Composing songs – I composed several song compositions for my crushes. I compose songs when I was down. When I was happy. When I was sick. When my emotions are too strong, I compose songs. It means, my compositions are my emotions. I don’t feel the urge to compose when I don’t feel something too strong (Which is most of the time). It’s not for me. It’s a hobby. But maybe, just maybe one day. My compositions will be played on the radio. When the time has come. I’ll pitch it to recording studios.
  • Billiard– I was playing billiard like crazy. I forgot to eat most of the time. I cut a lot of classes at school.  I thought it’s a passion to destroy my life with something. It is not definitely. It’s addictions. So I quit.
  • Writing– When I was in college, I wrote several articles about my journey with God. I feel happy once I saw the output of my work regardless if they had a lot of grammatical errors. I was blinded by my passion. I didn’t know then that there are grammar rules. I applied only my rules. I thought I was good at writing. So I joined an essay writing contest. The result? I was put at the bottom list with a 50% score only. When they published the ranking at the bulletin board with all the students to see, I was so embarrassed. More than 20 points difference of second to the last person. I got discouraged and abandoned writing. I hated it. I felt ashamed of myself.
  • Speaking– This is one of the reasons why I landed in the BPO industry. I wanted to learn how to speak English well. When I applied, I realized I was the worst speaker. All BPO companies rejected me. I could not pass even the initial interview. I almost gave up.  I was humbled by the experience.

Third Step:  Identify your top two you feel very close to your heart

Decide which one to focus on. If you could combine the two you, you can.

I listed two which I thought very close to my heart. I feel I could do them until the end of my life. I feel I could make myself happy every time I do these things. Sometimes I feel perfect doing these things. My passions.

Here are my top two: Writing and speaking.

I’m a thinker. A lot of ideas going on in my mind and I need to express them. Or else I’m going crazy. My top passion is writing.

Thanks to the blogging technology. It won’t take to be a techie now to start a blog. It gives a chance for those ordinary-below-average-aspiring-writers to hone their skills in writing and become an author someday (Hey, it’s happening now!).

How about speaking? I’m passionate about speaking to inspire others with my story. But I can’t do it every single day. Upon self-reflection, I can combine the two.

I’m passionate about communication.

Let us proceed to the next step.

The Fourth Step: Try to explore things (If you are not convinced yet to the list you made earlier

How to try new things?

  • Volunteer– I volunteered in a church community when I was young and handsome (I think I still am today). That’s where I discovered my passion. You may try any community like NGOs and other volunteer organizations. You don’t know how you uncover things you’ve never done before being a volunteer.
  • Get out of your comfort zone– Explore new things. Do things you’ve never done before. I did not know I can write and speak until I tried it. As I said, I write so badly. It improves when I keep on writing and writing. I did not know how to speak. I stuttered and mumbled with my words. Explore new things and discover the new world within you.
  • Travel to other places– I traveled to other cities and apply in the BPO industry. I met new people who introduced me to Toastmaster International (A non-profit organization that helps people to develop their speaking and leadership skills.). I was exposed as well to a lot of books. You may travel local or international. You don’t know what’s in store for you when you meet new people and discover your passion to new places.

First Step:   Define your destiny with your passion and elevate the fire within

I decided to focus on communication. Hence, writing and speaking are too broad to explore. What are the subjects I must talk about? What is the platform I can express myself? Are there other things I can do to develop them more? Yes. That’s why I blog. That’s why I keep on attending our Toastmasters meeting.

This is to improve my communication.

How about you? Have an avenue to express yourself.

If you’re really passionate about art. There’s should be a way to express it every day.

If you are passionate about leadership, there should an organization to lead people every day.

If you are passionate about writing, there should be an avenue to write every day.

Let me summarize the steps in discovering our true passion
  • Think deeply about your deepest desires.
  • Take inventory of your interests and hobbies.
  • Define your one thing to focus on.
  • Try new things if you have not decided yet with the step #3.
  • Define your destiny and elevate the fire within.

Final Thoughts

Here the polish description of my passion.

My passion:

  • To communicate my ideas: Through speaking and writing
  • To make my ideas happen: Through entrepreneurship (I started with this blog and more offline ideas I plan to come true)
  • To help you discover what they want in life.

All three express in one platform through this site.

I hope the steps really help you discover what you truly passionate about in life. Live with your deepest desires.

What do you think is your passion? Please leave a comment below.

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