14 Great Benefits When You Work at Home

benefits working at home

Have you ever ask yourself what are the good benefits of working from home?

Admit it.

You always think of these things. But you’re not sure what else you could enjoy when you work from home. The typical benefits you’ve heard: you can always be with your family and earn good income.

That’s great. But that’s just only tip of an iceberg.

But when I got myself into the world of virtual career, there are more things I enjoy today. I said to myself,  “How I wish I started early. Perhaps, a decade ago.”

Hence, it’s not too late for you to build a home-based career.

The things I’m going to talk about now will give you more reasons to pursue a career at home.

Home-based professionals relish these great benefits every single day.

Do you want to enjoy the benefits too?

Allow me to share them  with you.

14 Great Benefits When You Work at Home

1. No more traffic

This one is obvious. The moment you heard someone, “I work at home”. You don’t imagine her traveling on the road every day going to her office. That’s crazy. Because her office is her home.

Traffic is one of the worst things happening in the world right now. But by working at home, this is the very first thing you remove from your life.

You even help the government alleviate the numbers of commuters every day and decongest the roads.

When your client says, “You’re hired!” It’s time to say goodbye to traffic.

2. No more metrics

I’m particularly writing to call center agents. Not all companies have metrics. But all call center companies are. So call center agents deal with metrics every single day. Crazy metrics. The always-changing metrics.

I suck hitting my metrics every month. And I was almost got terminated because of it. I was saved by the bell because of a survery. By the top box survey. If not because of it, “Goodbye Marleo, you’re fired!”

When I started working from home, it was such a relief. I was blown away. No more metrics.  Only output matters. Just tasks. Just deadlines. Just pure work.

3. No more buying of office uniforms or clothes

Most companies require you to wear an office uniform. Now, you’re fortunate if you’re not paying for it. Your ten pieces of uniforms are all paid up by your company. You’re lucky! “Sana all!”

But the rest of us, we don’t have those perks. Uniforms are expensive.

How about those who work in the BPO industry? They don’t have uniforms, right?  It can be negative or positive thing.

Most of companies in the BPO industry required their employees to wear a semi-formal attire. Like polo, polo shirts. black shoes, and slacks. You’re fortunate if they allow jeans.

But what’s unfortunate when a BPO company demands employees to wear a formal attire. A sort of dress code policy. Everyone must comply. Hence, you don’t have a choice but to obey.

It’s a dilemma I dealt with every day.  I couldn’t just wear the same type of clothes. My officemates might think I’m crazy, “Where’s your salary Marleo?” They would probably ask and bully. Though that’s only in my mind. I interpreted their reaction through their eyes on me.

It means, I couldn’t avoid buying brand new clothes for a fashion variety. While others, they’re buying more to impress their officemates.

But working at home, you can wear the same dress for 30 days straight. Who cares?

4. No more cold lunch box (If you do bring one at work)

I could see there are still traditional officemates bringing their lunchboxes at work. They’re proud of the cook of their moms. The cook of their spouse. The cook of their fiancees.

(Or even the cook of their mistress.)

Their lunchboxes were cold as dead bodies. During lunch break, they heated it up in the oven before devouring their foods. I also heated up mine. The one  food I bought at the pantry that smells like it was cooked yesterday.

But all things changed suddently when I work at home. Most of the time, I eat food that was just cooked. Yeah. Just cooked. Looking at the food on the table, those soups prepared by my wife is delicious.  I enjoyed watching those leafy vegetables that are still fresh-looking, green, natured-scene, swimming in the bowl.

I love it!

Healthy living. Fresh cooking. Happy eating.

5. No more horrible bosses

I don’t declare my former bosses were terrible leaders. The majority of them were amazing.

But I was unlucky for several years, I was under to some team leaders who sucked at leadership. They acted like a boss. Even like a monster.

And I had to suck them all up. I had no choice.

These folks got promoted even though they didn’t deserve to get promoted.

However, if you working at home, no more horrible bosses or team leaders. Just direct client interactions.

6. No more gossips

I have to tell you that gossips at work are normal. If you don’t like it, don’t work in the office. I often overheard people gossiping about me. I did not like what I’ve heard, “I am handsome!”

Don’t believe in them. I’m the one to tell you now.  It’s a lie. Maybe those words are future tense. That I’m going to be handsome soon. When I have all the money in the world. But that’s only  my hallucinations.

But, I’m off-topic.

Starting a career at home, who will babble about you? The cats, dogs, chickens, or the mosquitoes? That’s okay. You don’t understand them.

Obviously, no one will gossip about you. Period.

7. No more hurrying

Late for work

Are you the last-minute guy? You wake up late and arrive at work obviously late. You are Mr. or Ms. Late.

And when you are late, you blame the traffic. The elevator. Your watch (did not work suddenly). Your gf/bf (did not wake you up). Your alarm  (did not ring ), etc.  Anything under the sun you can blame.

This will all end if you work at home. No more lying, ‘coz no more hurrying.

8. No more dealing with rain or hot weather

“Oh no, it’s raining again!” This was my constant words. When I went to work or went back home from work. I complain about it. But let me tell about my home in Cebu. I was just renting. Yeah. I rented a pretty small boarding house when I was a regular BPO worker.

It wasn’t a nice boarding house. That when it rains, it gets flooded inside easily. That’s why, rains were not a blessing for me most of the time.

It’s tough to deal with rains. It’s either we complain about it or we thank God. But a lot of times, we complained. I was guilty of it. Why? It’s crystal clear: our road trip going and back to work will not be as smooth as expected. More especially, you live in a boarding house like mine.

How about the hot weather? Yeah. it’s also a problem. Your sunblock will not work often. The lotion you use has Spf50. But the heat of the sun is just too hot to bear that you need Sfp500 lotion. Sadly, it’s not yet created or patented.

Working at home, rainy days are always a blessing. Or whatever the weather, you’re just not affected.

9. No more daily commuting

This is a close cousin to benefit #1 No More Traffic. But I need to talk about it separately.  Commuting a lot of times creaes inconveience. You compete with fellow commuters for a ride. Elbow to the elbow. Bad breath to bad breath. Odor to odor. Yucks!

(You’re rich if you have a car.)

There are many inconveniences as a commuter.

But these will all be gone once you work at home.

10. No more spending for fare

This is a second cousin of Benefit #1 No More Traffic, and a first cousin of Benefit #9 No More Daily Commuting.

Why am I talking about cousins? Stop it Marleo! Okay, i got you.

You can save a lot for your fare when you work at home. You don’t need need for it obviously. That’s one of the great benefits. The budgetfor fare is all yours. Maybe you can use it somewhere else.  Something worth to spend like a date with your family.  A date with your spouse.  Or a date with your gf/bf.  Whoever you want to date with.

Whatever you want to do with your money, it’s all yours.  It’s really a big help when you don’t spend on fare anymore.

Because your work at home.

11. No more dealing with difficult people in the office

Difficult people suck our energies at work. We have to adjust and understand them all the time. We adjust to their attitudes, to their character, and to their behavior.

It’s easy to detect these types of people. They blame and complain every day to everything that happened at work or their lives. Even if you don’t listen to them, you can’t avoid sometimes to overhear these people talking.

But if you work at home, automatically they’re out of your life. I mean, really OUT.

How about if you’re the one who is difficult to them? That’s the thing they also want to be thankful for. You’re now gone.

It’s a win-win situation. You both solve their problems and your problem.

12. No more dealing with company policies

Company policies are changing sometimes. They allow you to eat at your station. Later, they don’t. They allow you to have a 5-minute grace late. Later, they abolish it.

On a whim, policies change. That’s management prerogative. We have to live with that.

But when you work at home, you are the policy. You can eat any time you want. At your station. At your table. At your computer. Sometimes, you can take a 15-min break by your own call. You follow your own nature-call.

That means, you have a little flexibility when you work at home.

13. You are always with your family


This is the ultimate reason why I work at home. I can send my son to school with my wife every day.  I’m the only father who is always present in every program.

I am always available to pick up my son after school with almost perfect attendance. Except of course on rare occasion I’m sick.

It’s obvious I could not do this when I was working with someone else offline.

My family is my treasure. My time with  them is too valuable. That’s why when someone asks for my personal mentorship to become a VA, I charge a minimum of P5k.

On rare occation, I lower it down to P3k (But anytime soon, I won’t do it anymore. An online course can duplicate myself.).

A few individuals,  they find it expensive. What is P5k if you could earn at least P30k a month working at home, right? No taxes. No fare. No terrible boss.

They did not see the value.

Anyway,  it’s not my lost. I’d rather spend my time with my family than lowering my value.

14. Bigger income

The second top reason why I work at home. In less than two months working with clients, my income was more than doubled compared to my salary as a call center agent.

I can provide better now for my family. We can buy more food.  Buy better things for our enjoyment.  And save more. I was able to send my son to a private school. My home-based career was far better than my BPO career when it comes to income.

I can earn more if I want to. It only depends on my skill level and hard work.

For an office-job, your income month-to-month is just the same. If there’s an over-time, it is just a minimal increase.

Final Thoughts

Did it convince you now to work at home? I hope so.

Starting a home-based career takes time sometimes. If you are planning to quit your job, have a plan first. Once you have a good plan and execute it well, it won’t take that long to build a home-based career

Here’s what I suggest to your first assignment: study this type of career first. Read a lot before you dive in to this industry.

This will prepare you to what lies ahead and get to know the job available for you as a beginner or being a non-techie.

Have a transition as seamless as possible.

Enjoy these great benefits soon!

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